Want to Improve Your Translations? Check Out These 5 Apps

If you translate texts from other languages into English, then you’re probably more than used to writing in the English language. Writing and then rewriting to make sure every last detail is correct. Idioms and humor can be hard to translate and, if you find you’ve spent hours working on a project, sometimes you can get too close to it. Whichever language you translate from, check out these awesome apps to help you polish your English translations.



The Hemingway App is fast becoming a writer and translator’s best friend. Copy and paste your text into the Hemingway App and it will give you a rating, based on your use of grammar, verbs and adverbs. It also highlights sentences that are either hard to read, or very hard to read, so you can edit your texts and improve them. This is especially useful when translating into English from languages that use more words to convey meaning, such as German or Spanish.

If you have English speaking clients from around the globe, you can use Hemingway to help you localize your translations into American, Australian, Canadian, or British English.



Another great way of checking your grammar, you can download Writefull to your computer free of charge. Writefull has a mega database of around 5 million books, and will give you invaluable feedback on your use of wording and grammar. This awesome app compares the sentences you have written with texts from its database that are similar. This shows you whether or not you could have phased something differently or more clearly. Turn your good translation into an exceptional one.



No doubt you’re used to using a dictionary to check your work, but if you want to come up with a synonym for a particular word quickly, simply go to It’s not a perfect tool, and sometimes you’ll find that the words it comes up with don’t make sense in the context of your translation. But, in most cases, this handy online thesaurus can jog you out of your writer’s block.



As any translator knows, they need to stick as close to the source as possible when translating texts into English. But, sometimes you also need to use a little creativity. If you’re translating an article, for example, the headline should be catchy, to encourage the reader to click. Use the CoSchedule headline analyzer to see how catchy your translated title is. You’re looking for the percentage to be at least 70% and the circle to go green. Anything less than that and your headline is probably a little bit dull.



Evernote will not only help you perfect your translations, but it will also help you manage your time. Ensure that you never get a client mixed up or miss a deadline again, with this invaluable app that works like an extension of your memory.

You can synchronize Evernote across all your devices and use it to create a translation to-do list, or note down comments and ideas that come to you when you’re on the go.

You’re already sure about the quality of the work you deliver clients, but now you can produce texts that are more polished and readable than ever. Manage your time, switch up your vocabulary and give your clients clickable, catchy headlines by making most of the free technology you have at your fingertips.

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